The Past. The Future. Only Now.

some pondering from a recent road trip for healing… 

I looked in the rearview mirror today
(Not something I’d suggest you do every day)
The colors were amazing as dusk kissed the sky
And I pondered past days of highs, lows and whys

A beautiful map unfolded before me
With dirt roads and pot holes like you wouldn’t believe
Tons of rain clouds and storms I’ve come to know
The tools from which I’ve most learned to flow

a path often filled with pain and sadness
not knowing the plan in the midst of this madness
though it is only today that speaks the truth
and even in this moment there’s nothing to prove

an interesting place from this point of view
to choose not to think towards the skew
an interesting place of observation to be
to be the observer outside of me

Several more maps will unfold before me
With dirt roads and pot holes I’m sure to see
Tons of sunshine and breezes I’ll come to know
The tools of which will make it all flow

I looked out the front car window today
(Not something I’d suggest you do every day)
The colors were amazing as dawn kissed the sky
As I pondered the days of love, passions and goodbyes


Learning Again

If you or anyone you know is or has struggled with illness, know that you’re not alone, as I’ve had to continually remind myself in recent months. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading and sharing. Lots of Love– Me. xo

You’ve got my attention
Yes, I see
You can quiet down now
It’s just you and me

For more than a decade,
You’ve chosen to hang around
Making lemony lemonade;
though not nearly as sweet as it might sound

In 2008, you were given several names
They were chronic in nature
And it was me who I blamed

So I thought you away
On a “spiritual” journey
I would be okay
No need for the meds of flesh and money

But here we are again
My dear, dear friend
As you force me to let go
To scream, kick and bend

And when I allow honesty and truth to win
You’ve been lingering now for years on end
With little exception, like 2010?

But finally…

Off my spiritual high horse you’ve thankfully knocked me

I have been humbled
I feel fully exposed
I need support
And all of my ducks are NOT in a row

There is no room for spiritual ego
There is no room for stubborn pride
It only took me how many years
To come out from this very long hide?

So now here we are my “chronic” friend
Step by step, moment by moment
As I learn all over again how to live

So many levels and layers end
So many levels and layers begin

And once again you’ve become my new best friend
(Though please forgive me if I curse you every now and again) 😉