Hearts Will Heal

I wrote the poem below a month or two ago and stumbled upon it this past week.

I find it interesting, although not always surprising, that couples often part to never speak or communicate again (except in situations where children are involved–though in many cases, the couple might wish they could somehow never speak to each other again).

I get that relationships often end badly, and sometimes, the best option is to part without speaking or communicating, especially if the relationship was toxic or abusive. I’ve been in such situations, and I knew that unless I left, I’d continue to lose myself and was only enabling the situation. At the same time, if I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into a relationship, then in most cases, I am open to the possibility of a friendship or at least reconnecting.

Either way, when our hearts feel broken, with time, we find a way to move forward, and sometimes, that way requires physically, and often spiritually, completely separating from the individual with whom we were in a relationship. It might also mean that we need to part to come back together in the future, as for whatever reason, the timing was off.

When the “heartache” sets in–in those moments when it feels like our hearts are broken to the point that repair isn’t possible–we need to trust that the sun will shine again if we allow it to, just as we can trust that the true sun will rise and set every day without fail. We have the opportunity for growth in every relationship encounter, and, if we remain present in the moment, we will realize that life is working out exactly as it’s supposed to… and our hearts will heal.

My hope is, at that point, that we still have the courage to jump in with both feet to fully love again. xo

Hearts Will Heal 

Is this it? Is this the end?
Do they depart without a friend?

Even still…

In all his glory,  in all his sin
She will love him till the end

In all her glory,  in all her sin
Does he know who she really is?

Is there peace within their hearts?
Would they rather live this life in parts?

Was the timing off from the start?
Or was it perfect timing to fall apart?

Was it God’s design – a gift given to choose,
With a test of character and the option to lose?

Can they still win – a gift given to choose?
Will the fog clear to show love’s truth?

Will they come back together, yes or no?
Will they get tired [enough] of the same to create a new show?

Will time tell,  as it usually does?
Will time heal the torn hearts of bruises and rust?

Yes,  from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
Their hearts will heal as, together or not,  they walk on.